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About Us

Alkarmah began as a family venture, starting from our home and growing into a second home for our clients. We continuously strive to create ideas and content that meet our clients' needs, ensuring they benefit from our expertise.

With extensive experience in writing, editing, translating, interpretation, copywriting, and content development in both our native language (Arabic) and English, we have had the privilege of working with many local and international firms. This has enriched our understanding of various aspects of our business.

Now based in Texas, we have embraced the local culture and enjoy working with a diverse range of clients. We are dedicated to serving our new country and its wonderful people, bringing our Middle Eastern background and expertise to the forefront.

We know you will enjoy reading what we love writing.


Shireen is a multifaceted professional: a pharmacist and an educator, but above all, she is a writer. Her passion for writing has blossomed over the years, allowing her to hone her skills and gain extensive experience in both English and Arabic. Today, she excels as an Arabic content creator, writer, editor, translator, curriculum developer, e-learning specialist, trainer, teacher, and TASOL tutor.

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Jamal holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and has spent many years working in IT, mainly in the field of education. However, he enjoys working with people more than machines. He loves listening to people's stories and sharing his own. His background has enabled him to expand into website development and content creation. He is skilled in writing and conducting the necessary research to craft life stories.

Kareem (KJ)

Kareem is the youngest member in Alkarmah,  He is a sophomore in UNT. He is