Where Words Bloom Like Vines

Tapping into the organic growth of vines, our thoughts transcend mere musings, intertwining with hearts, shaping minds, and stirring souls like vibrant vines.

Alkarmah, in Arabic "الكرمة," which means "vines" in English, specializes in writing and translating all types of content in both Arabic and English. Like vines bringing life to a garden, our words come to life in your speeches for official ceremonies, book introductions, personal bios, and content for your company or website. Alkarmah brings your ideas to fruition. 

With Alkarmah, texts are no longer just a collection of words on a page, nor are phrases dry and lifeless. Instead, the words bloom like vines, transforming into vibrant, lively texts.

With Alkarmah, texts are no longer merely translated; they feel original, crafted, and tailored to suit the culture. With Alkarmah, you can bridge the gap between original and translated texts, finding yourself with content that is comfortable, easy to connect with, and engaging.

Our Services

Crafting High-Quality Texts

When you have numerous ideas but struggle to find the time or the right words to express them, Alkarmah is here for you. With Alkarmah, you can relax and feel at ease, knowing that we will articulate your thoughts in vibrant, lively words. Let us communicate your ideas effectively and beautifully.


By definition, “Copywriting is the art of writing persuasive text to encourage people to take action.” After reading this definition, it becomes clear that we have been practicing this art for more than two decades. It all began when a friend asked for our help in writing a speech. The speech was well received, and we soon realized that people genuinely enjoy reading what we write. So, over the years, our tagline became: "We enjoy writing what you enjoy reading." 

Translation & Interpretations

With Alkarmah, texts are no longer merely translated; they become authentic, carefully crafted, and culturally sensitive. Alkarmah helps bridge the divide between original and translated texts, presenting you with content that feels familiar and invites easy interaction with its words.

Curriculum Design and Development

AlKarmah specializes in crafting and refining curricula. With a rich history in education and writing, our extensive experience spans both Arabic and English-speaking realms. Collaborating with numerous clients, we have adeptly prepared and developed educational curricula, tailored to both printed and electronic formats.

Crafting Life Stories

We all enjoy reading stories, and we especially enjoy writing them. We consider ourselves storytellers and love to hear your story as well. In our first project, it took us four years to gather all the information needed to write the biography of a remarkable businessman who passed away in 1986. His children had many details about his life and wanted to share his story with the world. We wrote the biography in both Arabic and English, and those who read the book praised it highly. We were proud of this accomplishment. This was our first biography to write, but it certainly wasn’t our last.

We are all drawn to stories, nurtured by them since childhood. The tales spun by our elders, the fabric of our heritage, weave themselves into our very being. But why do some narratives remain untold? Why have we not immortalized the endeavors of our forebears—the perseverance of my grandfather, the accomplishments of my globally renowned uncle who was a great doctor, the resilience of my aunt who raised ten children?

Should not the departed, too, find a voice in the annals of history? Their stories, woven into the fabric of books, serve as beacons of inspiration for future generations. Let us immortalize our loved ones in words, ensuring their legacies endure not only in our hearts but also on the pages of time.